Your Message of Hope Hitting Home!

Get your message across by making your online sales copy and imaging speak to your audience. Connect with people on a deeper emotional level, showing them you care and want to help them find the best for them, truly, building trustworthy and lasting relationships so you can make a difference together. For your kids, for humanity, for all.    

Loosing business online?

Everything looks perfect. Your website, your business cards, your social media. It's all good. Except for one thing... no or little sales! Meaning low cash and no business in the end. It's frustrating, I know. You knew it would be tough, but you chose to do good with your business, so what's there not to like? If only they knew your intentions, your positive spirit, your products and services which will make their lives better. Sorry to say, you've been mistaken: they just don't care... Yet, until they know you care. How? Connect with your people on the level of their heart and emotions, and be authentic*. Let your copy, message and imaging resonate and connect with your audience's heart and soul. Be clear and truly care about their well-being. We all crave human attention and connection, even when it's online. Let me help you craft compelling authentic sales driven copy for your website, and other elements in your digital sales funnel, so you can catch your website visitors and start converting your online visitors into customers by creating connection and building trust.

I consider it an honor to share my gift for authentic writing, imaging, marketing and communication with you, to serve you the best way I can. So you can make that difference when your message hits home. You win, I win, we all win! 

*(which means communicating honestly about products and services, communicating honestly about environmental impact and sustainability measures, acting with integrity at all times, being clear about and true to beliefs, being open and honest about partners and suppliers, standing for mor than just making money, having a relevant and engaging story). 

Intention: Sell to people that you care about. Who? Conscious women business owners with good intentions and who care for their customers, only! 

Intention: When you put the emphasis on relationship over outcome good things happen. What? Authentic, sales driven copy to convert prospects into buyers, execute online lead generation, and make social media launches or campaigns a success. 

Intention: You want to improve the lives of your customers. Result? Let me fuel every touchpoint of your business with copy and imaging that is clear, and resonates with your heart and that of your audience, so your message of hope hits home and your business is more sustainable. 

Selling = Serving + Giving

Authenticity = Honesty + Transparancy + Integrity + Clarity + Belief + Conscious

Authentic sales driven copy = (80%) Marketing Research + Empathy + (He)Art + Science + (20%) Authenticity

Authentic sales driven copy for your sales funnel and digital products

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Website review: Review current homepage with new copy + Imaging homepage + visualisation

Sales page: copy and visualisation of your sales page, video sales letter or webinar page, so you can copy the page yourself in your website

Emailsequence: Copy 7 emails for autoresponder.

Free PDF: Idea + Copy + Design +png image for online presentation

Sales funnel strategy: What is the journey you want your customers to take before they buy? Based on this we make your sales funnel.

App with Beezer for small business owners

Digital brochure copy beased on story principles.

Recommende courses by people I trust

To keep your business in business you need to be online and harnass the visitors on your website. Copy is however only one of the aspects that needs to be improved, but it truly is the start of a successful business online. If you are ready for the next step I can recommend you great courses and coaches. 

[Circle of Business necessities of which a sales funnel is one]

I love the fact that you are one of those dreamers, like I am, for the world needs us badly.

Something has to change, so our children can enjoy a healthy and happy life on this planet. Let's do this together. Your message needs to be seen. Your voice needs to be heard.

1. Steps to take (see brandscript)

1. Steps to take (see brandscript)

1. Steps to take (see brandscript)

1. Steps to take (see brandscript)